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Some of you may think that being skinny and having “the perfect body” will solve all your problems, but the truth is it won’t. If you aren’t happy with yourself now, what makes you think you’ll be happy with yourself when you’re skinny? Because then you’ll be skinny? Because then people will judge you? People will always judge you, regardless of what your weight is. If you think people will stop making judgments about you when you reach your goal weight, you should rethink the situation.
You don’t need to be skinny to make your life better; I know that it may seem like that at times, but that’s not true. You have all the resources now to make your life better; use the resources, and stop bashing your own body.
Learn to love yourself. Learn that it’s okay to be you. Learn that it’s okay not to be skinny. There are more important things to life than being skinny. Being skinny should not be your main priority in life.
I know ‘being skinny’ is glamorized in our society, but being skinny does not equal to happiness. Being skinny does not equal to having a perfect life. If that were the case, why are there still so many people with insecurities and countless problems?

skinny ≠ happiness

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Porque hay personas por las que perderías todos los trenes del mundo con tal de quedarte un ratito más

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"Un beso no es nada si no es honesto" –Lisa Simpson.


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